Who will receive the period products?

Oluna will initially distribute to homeless shelters in Dallas. To get the ball rolling - we've agreed to donate our "Year's Supply" to Interfaith Family Services, Promise House, 24 Hour Club, Hope's Door New Beginning, Union Gospel Mission Faith, Our Calling, Genesis Women's Shelter, and The Bridge: Homeless Recovery Center. With your help, Oluna can grow its reach. Oluna will provide more information on our receiving agencies at the end of the quarter.

How many period products are used in a year?

The average woman uses 20 pads for each period and has 12 periods over the course of a year. Based on that average, we will donate 240 pads per person.

What type of period products are you distributing?

We will exclusively distribute pads at this time. Due to cultural and social reasons, pad usage is accepted on a larger scale. Nothing could be more personal, more intimate, than how women manage their periods. Doing so effectively can only be done with quality information.We will include educational materials with each donation.

When will you distribute the period products?

Oluna will distribute the period products on a quarterly basis. At the end of each quarter, Oluna will tally the number of pants sold and order the equivalent amount of period products in bulk directly from a supplier.

Do you partner with nonprofits?

No. Oluna sources and distributes all products in-house to our own network of receiving agencies.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable. 

Donate a year's supply of period products with every pair of pants purchased.



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